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Cameron Select Aims For Confidence

Scotty Cameron says he has taken “visual flow” to another level with his new Select putter line. The idea, he explains, is for the heads of these putters to look as if they are flowing naturally into the ground. In addition, he has outfitted each Select with a stepless steel shaft for what he describes as a clean, unimpaired visual at address and given them a Black Mist finish with red dot graphics.

To anyone who knows Cameron’s work, they appreciate the time and effort he puts into making his products look good. But performance has always been critical to him as well. Which is why he has given his latest selection of flat sticks a weighting system that is designed to provide modern balance and stability.

All are precision-milled from 303 stainless steel, with the exception of the Big Sur models, which feature high-grade milled aluminum heads. Cameron has also made it possible for players to customize these clubs by giving them the means to easily adjust the lies and lofts.

“My ultimate goal when designing and building a putter is to provide the golfer pure putting confidence,” says Cameron. “Whether it is for the best players in the world, or golfers who aspire to play the best, the performance and preference options available in the new Cameron Select line are my deepest yet.”

And there are a lot of options. For starters, Cameron is offering five blade models – Newport, Newport 1.5, Newport 2, Notchback and Newport 2.6 – and they are replacing what had been the Studio Select line.

In addition, he has two Select mallet models, GoLo and GoLo S, and three Select mid-lengths, Newport Two Mid, GoLo Mid and GoLo S Mid, with the GoLos usurping the Studio Select Kombi Mallet and Kombi Mid lines. Finally, the Select Big Sur and Big Sur S are for those players looking for long putters – and are successors to the Studio Select Kombi Long offerings.


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