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KBS Shafts Offer Options

Introduced in 2008, KBS Tour quickly established a presence on the professional tours. According to company officials, its steel shafts have recorded more than 50 wins in that time and are now used by more than 110 players on those circuits. At the same time, KBS has made inroads in recreational golf, based largely on the strength of its three primary products – KBS Tour, KBS Tour 90 and KBS C-Taper.

Those shafts are the brainchild of noted designer Kim Braly. A golf industry veteran of more than 30 years, he has created a number of popular products in his career, among them Rifle and Project X shafts for Royal Precision. And his mandate in this case was to develop a premium, high-performance line of steel shafts for the FST shaft company. First put into play four years ago, they carried the brand name KBS (for Kim Braly Signature) Tour.

For irons, the KBS Tour series consists of three targeted performance options. The C-Taper is designed to produce low trajectory and spin, and the KBS Tour low-mid trajectory and a low-mid amount of spin. As for the Tour 90, it is geared for those golfers wanting mid-high trajectory and generous spin.

Company technicians say that KBS Tour shafts offer progressive weight and flex, meaning that as shaft weight increases, the shaft flex stiffens in a corresponding fashion. And the system works in five-gram increments, from 95 grams with the Tour 90 regular flex to 130 grams with the C-Taper extra stiff. According to Braly, who is not only head of R&D at KBS but also director of tour operations, that ensures players are better fit with shaft weights and flexes, for improved performance and consistency.

Another critical feature, he adds, is what he calls “maximum energy transfer.” That comes from the step/taper sections of each shaft, with step length and diameter decreasing proportionately in wall thickness from butt to tip so that energy may flow more rapidly and easily to the club head, for greater feel and distance.


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