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Maxfli Uses Urethane For All Golfers

The “U” in the U-Series ball line recently introduced by Maxfli stands for “urethane.” And the striking thing about this offering is the way the ball maker utilizes premium urethane covers in all four models, which range in price from $40 per dozen in the U.S. for a pair of four-piece products to $20 for a two-piece version.
At the top of the line are the Maxfli U/4 and U/4x. Both are four-piece balls, and both boast large rubber cores, a pair of mantles and cast urethane covers. The inner mantles are made of a DuPont HPF 2000 polymer and are intended to reduce spin on drives. The core on the U/4x is firmer than that in the U/4, and the ball has a slightly higher compression as well as a different dimple pattern on the cover. As a result, U/4x launches with a somewhat lower trajectory, and spins a bit less.
Next is the U/3, a three-piece ball with a urethane cover, a mantle layer and a rubber core that is geared to the golfer looking for help in distance and direction off the tee as well as better short-game spin and feel. It retails in the States for $30 a dozen.
Then, there is the U/2, which is unusual in that it gives golfers the chance to play a two-piece ball with a premium performance cover at a budget price.
“We all know that urethane covers really help elite players,” says Travis Coulter, brand manager for Maxfli golf balls, which has six players on the Tour using its U/4 and U/4x models.
“But our goal with the U-Series has been to take urethane across a larger spectrum of players and price points, because urethane also benefits average golfers and allows them to create spin and stop wedge and iron shots on the greens more easily.”


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