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Callaway Wedges Get New Look

As far as designer Roger Cleveland is concerned, the new Callaway Forged Wedges represent another upgrade in that club category for the Carlsbad, Calif., equipment maker. Part of that comes from the way he has modified ever so slightly the traditional look of these clubs, which are forged from 1020 carbon steel. For one thing, he has given them a slightly higher toe, and they also boast a straighter leading edge for a square look at address.
Another change is the employment of the blended C-Grind sole, which is a variation of technology used in previous Callaway wedge iterations, the X-Forged and JAWS. This one features a softer, more gradual “C” shape that relieves the heel as it reduces the width of the sole.
According to Cleveland, that allows golfers to lay the face open while effectively reducing the bounce angle, for better contact and maximum spin and control. In addition, each wedge loft has been paired with what Luke Williams, Callaway’s senior director for global woods and irons, calls the ideal bounce, so it provides optimal turf interaction.
These wedges also come with Callaway Tour CC grooves. Crafted through a proprietary process, the 21 tightly spaced grooves feature sharper edges to increase friction between the ball and the club, which leads to greater spin. And by maximizing groove capacity, Williams adds, Callaway is able to ensure that moisture is swept away, so that the edges of the grooves, which are conforming, actually come into contact with the ball when water is present. That will help impart more spin as well.
The new Forged Wedges are available in two-degree increments from 52 to 60 degree as well as in 64 degrees and come with two new finish options. One is dubbed Trivalent Dark Chrome, which Williams describes as having a “smoky, dark muted look,” and the other is Copper, which is designed to oxidize over time for an equally distinctive appearance.


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