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Program Improves ‘Brain Fitness’

Sage observers of the royal and ancient game have often said that a golfer’s brain is his 15th club, and maybe the most important one in the bag. Which is reason enough for a product designed to improve the performance of that critical piece of equipment is worth considering in this space. Especially when it enables recreational players to get PGA Tour-level mental coaching in the comfort of their own homes.
Based on proven neuroscience and developed by the Brain Center International (BCI), a Quebec-based leader in so-called “brain fitness” programs, Pro Mental Coach is an interactive mental coaching software developed in collaboration with PGA professionals and designed to provide personalized mental coaching and brain training. It is available for use in PCs and Macs and starts with an assessment test to determine a player’s strengths and weaknesses. Once those results are analyzed, a customized program is designed for each individual golfer.
It requires only one hour a week of training, through a variety of “exergames,” and BCI officials say the benefits include: improved concentration, enhanced mental endurance, better stress control when the pressure is really on, quicker recovery from bad shots and greater ease in “staying in the zone” when things are going a golfer’s way. They also aver that in testing, they have seen players shed on average 2.5 strokes per round after spending six weeks with the program.
“It was Bobby Jones who said that competitive golf is played mainly on a five-inch course, which is the space between your ears,” says Dr. Stephane Bergeron, chief executive officer of BCI. “And this product is designed to make it easier for golfers to play under competitive conditions. It gives them a way to train their brains much as a touring professional does, and it adjusts the programs as golfers make improvements in their games.”
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