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Odyssey Changing Face Of Putters

Adjustability has been all the rage in drivers, fairway metals and hybrids in recent years. Now, it is becoming a factor in putters, as evidenced by the introduction of the Odyssey Flip Face.
The Flip Face allows golfers to choose between two face inserts in one putter – the newer Metal-X or the venerable White Ice – and do so simply by unscrewing a single component in the self-contained putter head (with a screwdriver that doubles as a divot tool) to rotate the face 180 degrees.
The idea, Odyssey officials say, is to offer players different feel and performance attributes in one club as well as the ability to make adjustments based on the conditions of the courses they are playing, or the golf balls they may be using.
Metal X is a dual-layered insert, with a striking layer made of lightweight aluminum and an inner layer made of urethane. The oval depressions on its clubface are designed to maximize the mechanical lock with the dimples of a golf ball to increase friction and impart optimum ball launch for a more controlled and consistent forward roll. Austie Rollinson, principal designer for Odyssey Golf, describes Metal X as being “a little firmer” and says it will induce the ball to roll “a little faster.”
As for the White Ice insert, it employs a multi-layer piece of technology that Rollinson says has been fine-tuned for use in the Flip Face line to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency and consistency. In addition, its face surface has been roughened to increase friction with softer golf balls in order to promote a better forward roll and a better sound at impact.
The Flip Face comes with a satin chrome finish and Lamkin 3GEN Pistol grips and is available in three Odyssey models: the #1, which is a rounded heel-toe weighted blade with a crank-neck hosel and full-shaft offset; the #5, a rounded mallet with a single-bend shaft and full-shaft offset; and the #9, a toe-weighted, heel-shafted flanged blade with a long hosel and half-shaft offset.


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