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Renegar Wedges Revolutionize Bounce

The name spelled out on the bottom of Renegar wedges may not be as widely known as the bigger golf brands. But it is nonetheless held in high esteem by the professional golfers who put them in play each week – and by those who have used them to win on Tour.
Company founder Bob Renegar is the one-time head of R&D at the Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan golf companies, and he only produces wedges with his latest endeavor, Renegar Golf. His current release, the Rx12 Series, includes clubs with even-numbered lofts that run from 48 to 60 degrees.
In describing the main features of the Rx12s, Renegar starts with the sole contour, which boasts multiple bounce surfaces as well as a lowered leading edge designed to improve forgiveness on “thin” shots. “What we’ve done is different from the Gene Sarazen sole that puts weight low and forward,” explains Renegar.
“That traditional Sarazen design works well for explosion shots out of the sand, but not so well for those from other positions and surfaces on the golf course. By putting weight in the Rx12s higher and more toward the rear, we have made it easier to execute all short game shots. By repositioning mass, we also increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) as well as ball spin rates, to tighten shot dispersion and enhance accuracy.”
Working his way up the club, Renegar points to unique groove design patterns in the Rx12s that are made to impart “square groove-like spin rates.” The company has also worked with Aldila to employ a composite shaft that Renegar believes is perfectly suited for his new wedges, a slightly modified NV 105 known as the DTS Tour Control.
And he went to Lamkin to create a specialized wedge grip that is an inch longer and has less taper, so it is the same size all the way down the grip, to make it easier when it comes time to choke up on shots.


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