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Cobra Looks To The Past For Its

As Cobra Golf gets ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary, it seems appropriate for the clubmaker to take key technology from an iconic product of its past, the Cobra Baffler, and apply it to a new offering.
Cobra introduced the Baffler utility wood in 1975, and its most impressive feature was the rail sole that made it easier for golfers to hit suc¬cessful shots from difficult lies. More recently, Cobra engineers applied that technology to Baffler hybrids, with great success. And now, they have employed it in the new Baffler Hybrid irons, which are available in full iron sets and also combo sets with the newest Baffler hybrids.
The Baffler Hybrid irons use a railed sole that was influenced by the original Baffler utility wood but geared specifically for irons. It was designed to reduce turf drag while provid¬ing easy contact with the ball and the ability to hit out of even the toughest lies.
In addition, Cobra has developed a progres¬sive, oversized face profile for these clubs in an effort to achieve higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) for better forgiveness as well as a low Center of Gravity (CG) for optimal launch. A variable thickness face that progresses from short to long irons is made to provide faster ball speeds and greater distance on off-center hits, while a full back cavity TPU is geared to tune vibrations for improved sound and feel.
According to Tom Preece, vice-president for Research and Development at Cobra, the Baffler Hybrid irons are super-game improvement clubs designed primarily for mid- to high-handicap golfers. They are available in right- and left-hand¬ed models with steel and graphite shafts (4-PW, GW) and graphite lite shafts (5-PW, GW, SW).

Combo sets with the latest version of the Baffler hybrids are offered in two ways, with steel-shafted irons and graphite hybrids (4- 6h, 7-PW, GW) and graphite-shafted hybrids and irons (4-6h, 7-PW, GW). Preece says the hybrids are designed to integrate seamlessly with the Baffler Hybrid irons so the gapping between clubs is just right.


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