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Titleist 913 Drivers Faster, Forgiving

In discussing this month’s introduction of the Titleist 913 D2 and D3 drivers, company engineers say several enhancements make them even faster and more forgiving than their 910 predecessors.
Those begin with a clubface that features a forged, variable thickness insert. Made of 6-4 titanium, it has a central thick portion that mirrors the outer face profile. But as the insert moves to other parts of the 913 clubface, it be¬comes thinner and organically tapered, so that it matches the body thickness at the face perim¬eter. That is designed to create more consistent deflection across the whole face, which in turn provides more ball speed – and ultimately more distance – across a larger area of the club.
“It’s faster on heel and toe hits,” says Steve Pelisek, general manager for Titleist golf clubs. “That’s what we heard from players when we first brought these drivers out on Tour.”
In addition, Titleist technicians say that more optimal Center of Gravity (CG) locations in the 913 drivers not only maximize distance potential but also improve stability and forgiveness. That is partly the result of adjustments in the casting process, which allows the equipment maker to pro¬duce an ultra-thin crown and then redistribute weight low and deep in the head.
A new SureFit Tour weight on the rear sole further optimizes CG in the 913s, while the company once again employs the SureFit Tour hosel that debuted with the 910 to enable golf¬ers to set lie and loft independently in these, a customization attribute Titleist describes as “Tour-Van-In-A-Hosel.”
The new 913s, which were first seeded on Tour last summer and are currently being played by more than 100 professionals world¬wide, have also been engineered to create a fuller, longer and more powerful sound at impact. The drivers comes in two models, with the D2 version having a full pear-shaped head 460cc in size with a slight draw bias. As for the D3, it has no flight bias and a more classic pear-shaped, slightly smaller 445cc head.


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