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Golf Genius Makes Trips Easier

Golf is hard enough as it is without introducing the stress of trip organization and league management to the equation. Which is why the innovations offered by Golf Genius Software merit consideration. Start with Introduced in 2010, it is an online software product that makes it easier and less time consuming for players and golf professionals to organize trips and handle everything from the management of pairings, the running of daily tournaments and the inputting of scores to the creation of photo albums and trip books. And all without detracting from their time on the course. GolfTripGenius even enables trip leaders to collect and allocate group expenses as it also provides places for participants to keep track of travel arrangements as well as non-golf events, such as dinners. Next up is Developed and tested in collaboration with golf leagues and PGA professionals across North America and released last November, it is designed to make life easier for league managers by minimizing the hours they normally spend organizing player rosters, pairings and event schedules. For example, the software makes it possible to update handicap indexes automatically via GHIN and GolfNet. It also features a robust tournament library enabling leagues to play traditional formats or more customized competitions. And its scheduling feature, which is based on algorithms first developed for, is designed to ensure that everyone over the course of a season plays with everyone else, while letting managers to pair golfers in a variety of ways, and in a matter of seconds. A customized member website for each league can be branded as it also gives golfers a central place to visit for the latest in statistics, standings and tee times. It also provides them the opportunity to view photos and message boards. As both Golf Genius packages are web-based, there is no software to download. Mobile applications are free and available for both, so players may enter scores while still on the course in real time as they take advantage of the many other Golf Genius Software features wherever and whenever they want.


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