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Phil’s Taxing Week

Mike Purkey: I don’t begrudge sports millionaires their money. In one way or another, they earned it, whether by performance or by perceived value to companies who are willing to pay a truckload of dough for someone swell to get some extra embroidery on their shirt and hat.


But just like there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no whining in golf and Phil Mickelson got caught with his whine on. Complaining about his tax burden as a rich guy is like getting stuck with a jumping cholla in the Arizona desert: If you don’t get near it, it won’t hurt you.

People complained that he was insensitive to people who make a lot less and are just getting by, and Mickelson and his people decided an apology was necessary.

In essence, he stuck his size-12 alligator golf shoe in his mouth and it took both his hands and a couple more to pull it out.

Like Charles Barkley said, “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with bein’ rich.” Just don’t bitch about it.

– Mike Purkey


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