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Tim Finchem Gives Enlightening Press Conference

Ron Green Jr.: Well, that was interesting.

I’m talking about Tim Finchem’s press conference Wednesday morning at the Farmers Insurance Open.


Finchem had plenty to say and plenty to drop hints about during a 25-minute question-and-answer session that focused almost entirely on the proposed ban on anchoring headed to a rulebook near you in 2016.

While Finchem said he is “not at the point yet where I’m opining on what I think we should do,” he said the PGA Tour could choose not to adopt the proposed anchoring rule.

He didn’t say it but it seems unlikely that will happen. In fact, Finchem said if the USGA and R&A adopt the anchoring ban, he would prefer it be implemented on the PGA Tour sooner than the proposed 2016 start to prevent it from being an ongoing distraction.

Could it happen by the start of the new 2013-14 season in October? Perhaps but that would mean moving at relative lightning speed for the tour.

There are still more Players Advisory Council meetings and board of directors meetings scheduled to move this process along.

Finchem also said he believes in the notion of one set of rules for the game but leaves wiggle room for ‘occasional adjustments where we could bifurcate.’

He mentioned the golf ball as a possible target. It needs to be addressed far more than anchoring needs to be addressed. If you think the anchoring ban is controversial, golf ball talk could be nuclear but necessary.

Finchem was even asked if he would consider banning smoking at golf tournaments. The question surprised him and he admitted he hadn’t given it much thought. Then he said “you could tax the hell out of them” because smoking kills people.



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