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Welcome to Postings

Brian Hewitt: For the first three years of Global Golf Post‘s existence, our primary focus has been on the weekly issues of our magazine. Once a week, we wrapped up the entire week’s worth of news into a single, beautifully designed, easy-to-digest digital magazine delivered to your e-mail inbox Monday morning. The time has now come to augment this coverage and bring news and commentary to our readers on a daily basis.

Part of the impetus for our daily blog is the arrival of our new PGA Tour beat writer, Ron Green Jr. With Ron’s regular attendance at weekly PGA Tour events, our blog provides an outlet for him to bring the excitement and daily currency of each event to your screen.

But that’s not all. As our John Steinbreder travels the world, showcasing golf destinations, he will share his experiences on the go.

Also look for posts from other staffers – including myself, Editor-in-Chief Brian Hewitt, and Deputy Editor Mike Purkey, as well as Competition Editor Andy DeKeuster. These will focus primarily on golf but may hit you up with a post recommending a good new book, movie or offer an opinion on a video link you won’t want to miss.


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