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Saturday PGA Tour Recap

Ron Green Jr.: Here’s what happened Saturday at Torrey Pines:

It was foggy.

Just when it seemed the fog – I’m sorry, they like to call it a marine layer here in not-so-sunny Southern California – was about to go wherever fog goes when it disappears, it came back. It settled in like a chest cold.

Golfers hit balls as if they might actually play some golf. Others stood around the putting green, rolling a few putts, but mostly talking and looking at the fans who were watching them.

It was so foggy that the players who were hitting balls on the range had no idea where their shots were going. They instantly disappeared into the gloom.

The plan is try again today, with a forecast for the fog to go away but the tour weatherman saying he hopes it rains. How’s that for irony?

Otherwise, the fog won’t go away for a while. Regardless, it means a Monday finish now. Tuesday, by the way, looks beautiful.



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