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Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all

Tiger Woods won. I could end this blog entry right there and, if you are anything like me, it would leave you excited. But it’s a Wednesday afternoon, and I feel like writing just a little bit more.

Besides Woods winning by four strokes (which in all reality should have been a six- to seven-stroke margin), the guy dominated the field on a course that he was comfortable on. Why is that exciting? Woods loves Augusta National, ’nuff said.

He also won by pulling off some electrifying recovery shots … shots he used to hit that made the crowds go crazy. He hit a banana slice from behind a tree that produced more than a couple “you da mans,” and he even went on to chip his next shot in for birdie.

And lastly, Tiger Woods destroyed the par-5s. Woods made 21 birdies at Torrey Pines. Of those 21 birdies, nine of them came on par-5s. Oh yeah, he also made two eagles. He played 16 par-5s at 12 under.

Ahh … the Tiger Woods of old.


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