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Garrigus gives thoughts on anchoring ban

Robert Garrigus, who has used a 28-inch “mini-me” putter and a 50-incher, isn’t so sure the proposed anchoring ban is a done deal.
​”I don’t think it’s probably going to go through,” Garrigus said after his second round in the Phoenix Open. “I think there are some things that are going to happen that people will be surprised about.”
​Garrigus didn’t offer specifics but said he thinks golf’s ruling bodies should leave putting alone. He heard USGA executive director Mike Davis explain the proposed ban at a players meeting last week at Torrey Pines.
​”His point was saying, ‘Hey, you guys can adapt. You’re professionals.’ But he doesn’t have to make a putt for a million dollars and that’s the unfortunate thing,” Garrigus said.
“They’re amateurs policing a professional game. It’s just unfortunate.”


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