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That game with the pointy ball

Here at Postings, our interests are nothing if not multi-faceted. So even though our focus is squarely on birdies and bogeys, we understand there’s some kind of big game set to go down this weekend in The Big Easy (in between some TV commercials, apparently).

Herewith, our predictions:

Andy DeKeuster: I’ll go Niners over the Ravens, 20-17 … Doesn’t matter tho cuz the Packers shoulda won the whole thing. Go Cheese.

Barb Georgoudiou: I pick the Niners. (Guns up, Michael Crabtree!!) 38-17.


Brian Hewitt: 49ers 31, Ravens 10. Ray Lewis goes out with a whimper. Oh, deer.


Jamie Nugent: Patrick Kane and my Blackhawks all the way. It’s hockey season, Posters.


Jim Nugent: I will take the Hoyas by five in overtime.


John Steinbreder: A game in NOLA and no Manning at the helm? Heartbreaking for this Giants fan. As for a pick, I see the Niners pistol-whipping the birds from Baltimore. By a field goal, 26-23.

Lawrence Hollyfield: Can I pick the Lightning to win the Stanley Cup instead? Niners, 24-21.


Mike Purkey: Ravens, by an antler – 23-21.


Reese Wallace: 49ers 31-20. Too much talent in San Francisco.


Rob Coleman: While TE Dennis Pitta has a breakout game for the Ravens, his effort won’t be enough as the 49ers prevail, 31-27.

Sam Dolson: Ravens, 26-21. Pulling for the Niners, and these things usually go the other way on me.


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