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In Praise of Padraig

Let me offer a few words of praise for Padraig Harrington.

I’d ask him to do it but he might go on a while.

Harrington is a golf writer’s dream, a thoughtful man who embraces the notion of talking to the media, sharing his thoughts, listening to others and generally making the game, the job and everything around him a better place.

By his own admission, Harrington is never satisfied with the golf swing he has, constantly taking it apart and reworking it, for better or worse. He won three major championships, kept changing and has no plans to change.

Harrington may have set a media room record on Saturday when he took a six-word question – Did you change your golf swing – and turned it into a 33-paragraph answer of more than 1,500 words.

The short answer was, yes, he changed his swing.

Harrington once told reporters that he occasionally finds himself during a round thinking of something he wants to mention to the media during his post-round remarks.


Thank you, Padraig.


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