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Luke Reflects On Air Jordan

​With all the chatter surrounding Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday on Sunday, Luke Donald – one of Jordan’s golf buddies – was asked to chime in about what he’s learned from No. 23 that can be applied to golf.

​They met a few years ago in Chicago and now have Florida homes near each other. They play golf together occasionally and spend time together once in a while.

​”I ask him questions and he gives me answers sometime,” Donald said. “Certainly, it’s not like a working relationship. It’s just nice to have access to someone that was that great at his sport.

​”Most things he’s said is ‘Play with what you can control. Don’t worry about trying to hit the ball far. You’re one of the best short game players, just concentrate on that.’ ”
​And when they play, how many strokes does Donald give M.J.?
​Six a side, Donald said.

​”And that’s usually not enough for him,” Donald said.


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