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Callaway X Hot Irons Go Deep

Callaway engineers use the word “aggressive” a lot when they discuss one of the California club maker’s latest offerings, the X Hot and X Hot Pro irons. They also like to laud the “measurable distance gains” they say these new sticks provide as well their superlative feel and accuracy. As far as they are concerned, the X Hots have it all. Let’s start with the X Hot irons, which are game-improvement products that employ a Deep Undercut Cavity design with Speed Frame Face Technology. The cavity design allowed the company to more precisely position the Center of Gravity (CG) and move the hottest part of the face lower, where more golfers make contact more often with the golf ball. At the same time, Callaway incorporated the Speed Frame Face Technology it has used with great success in its drivers to its X Hot irons. That advance, they aver, optimized stiffness across the face for more efficient energy transfer as it also produced more ball speed and more consistent distance. Even on off-center contacts. In addition, the equipment maker applied a dual material medallion to promote better feel and sound and made the True Temper Speed Step 85 lightweight steel shaft its stock offering. With regards to the X Hot Pro irons, they feature J-Face Dynamics, a face technology that combines precise face thickness control and undercut depth for the sort of power and feel that Callaway believes better players desire. These versions of the X Hot also employ the company’s 20-degree Close Spaced V Grooves, which typically are reserved for its forged player irons and are designed to provide more backspin on shots out of the rough.


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