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Anchoring Ban Storm Brewing

Here’s a thought:
​What if the 90-day “discussion” period related to the proposed ban on anchoring was just a clearing-the-throat stage.

​The screaming, it seems, has yet to start.

​It’s clear now that the PGA Tour is opposed to the anchoring ban, the European PGA Tour seems to be OK with it and, regardless of how all of this turns out, a lot of golfers are going to be frustrated.

​The PGA of America is against the ban. The USGA and the R&A evidently are in favor of it or they wouldn’t have put the proposal forward.

But you probably know all of that by now.

​On the surface, it would seem the USGA and the R&A can’t go back now without looking as if they’ve been bullied into surrender. If they move forward with the ban, how many lawyers are going to get richer?

​Like most people probably feel, I just want it to be decided, quickly and definitively.

​Good luck with that.


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