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Things Are Getting Hairy On Tour

I’m just about over this disturbing trend of facial hair in golf. Yes, Frank Nobilo on Golf Channel looks cool with his two-day, salt-and-pepper growth. But we have to draw a line somewhere.

Dustin Johnson grew a beard because he can but the soul patch he sported was about all he needs. Johnson Wagner’s ‘stache looks just as ridiculous this year as it did last year and I don’t blame his wife for not getting near him with that thing on his upper lip.

But the worst offenders are the two with the least reason not to shave. Luke Donald and Steve Stricker have four or five days’ worth of blonde-light brown, well, mess on their faces. They just look grimy, like they spent the day working on their cars.

Come on, guys. Buy a razor and clean up. Gillette Sensor is great. You’ll feel much better. Really.



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