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Boom Boom Still Boomin’ It

Freddie Couples made an appearance at Isleworth Golf & Country Club for the Tavistock Cup this week.

He still walks cool, he still talks cool, and he still tears the cover off the golf ball.

Playing alongside Bubba Watson – who hits the ball so far it needs its own flight attendants – Boom Boom kept up with the long-hitting lefty. On average, Freddie was only a dozen yards or so behind Bubba, and considering Bubba is 34-years-old and Freddie is 53 (with an iffy back), well that’s just pretty darn good.

No gloves, no stress, and a tempo that would make even Ernie Els blush, Freddie Couples hits drives that still makes the crowds gasp.

One such example was the long par-5 third hole. Playing into a decent breeze, Watson hit a mammoth drive and smoked a 3-wood to just reach the front bunker. Couples hit a driver and 3-wood as well … and came up 10 yards short of that exact same bunker.

Yep. Boom. Boom.

Check out his swing from Monday here:


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