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Thrown For A Looper

Pardon me for speaking blasphemy, but I really would prefer not to take a caddie at clubs where they are either offered or, worse yet, mandatory. Good caddies are as rare as hen’s teeth and even the good ones can go over the top.

Caddies actually slow down play most all the time, believe it or not. And the culprit is too much information. They give you yardage and wind and direction and some caddies even try to pick a club for you to hit, even if they’ve only seen you hit a few shots.

Give me a range finder and unless I’m dealing with a blind shot, I pretty much can find the wind direction and how I’m going to play a shot. When the caddie chimes in with conflicting information, my poor brain goes on overload. The committee in my head starts debating the information, which creates doubt, which, as we all know, is the great killer of golf swings.

That’s not to say there aren’t great caddies, because there are. I just haven’t had the good fortune to be assigned one of them.


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