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The Hard Stuff's Been Coming Down For Quite A While Now

Is it too much to ask Mother Nature to cut everyone a break for a week or two?

It’s supposed to be springtime but last week half the United States had snow on the ground and the other half had aerated greens and still dormant fairways.

The notion of the PGA Tour playing four days of uninterrupted tournament golf has turned funny.

You’ve seen it, heard it or felt it.

The wind at Kapalua. The fog at Torrey Pines. The snow at Dove Mountain. The earth-shaking thunderstorm at Bay Hill.

Just when it seemed the Houston Open might be finished on time, a thunderstorm arrived to delay D.A. Points’ victory. Just guessing here but that probably didn’t help ratings.

One of golf’s greatest virtues is that it’s played outside in the elements. No domes. No night games. No artificial turf.

Sunny and warm.

That’s the idea, anyway.


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