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Getting Those Masters Jitters

It’s Wednesday, April 3, and I’m restless.

In less than one week’s time, I will be getting a chance to travel to the famed grounds of Augusta National for the first time in my life. For a kid who grew up on a golf course, one of the marks on my bucket list is about to be checked off.

Now, I’m no stranger to the course. I’ve watched The Masters ever since I could wrestle the TV clicker away from my older brother. And thanks to the wonderful folks over at EA, shoot, I’ve even had the chance to play Augusta National on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game. (I think my first round there I shot an 84 playing as Woods … a score I’m sure he wouldn’t be too happy to see.)

I’ve heard tales of the course, heard the warnings that my legs are going to be dead after I walk. But I don’t care. I’m going to walk the course, every hole, from every tee box. And I’ll even have my father there with me too. Andy and Randy will explore the Green Jacket’s home course, and feast on some of the famous pimento cheese sandwiches. And probably share a beer or three.

In one week’s time, be sure to check back in to Postings and I will tell you all you need to know about Augusta from someone who just got there.

I’m going to be like a little kid on Christmas mornin’!


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