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Georgia On Our Minds

Well the DeKeuster boys are off and rolling to Augusta National for what is sure to be one of the greatest father-son moments I will ever have. We’ve got cash in our wallets, drinks in our cup holders and a nice day for driving.

As we pass car after car on the highway, I can only wonder what tomorrow holds for us. There’s just so much to do in so little time. Every hole will be walked from tee box to green, or at least as much as we can. Randy is reeling after burning the tops of his feet on the white sand beach of Siesta Key. Soldier up pop!

And then there’s the par-3 tournament to attend; maybe catch a hole-in-one or two. And maybe catch a peek at Caroline as she caddies for that Rory guy.

And then there is the food to eat. Pimento cheese and a beer, or pulled pork and some good ol’ southern sweet tea. Or maybe both.

And how could I forget a trip to the souvenir shop/mall? A shirt is a must. Maybe a hat or bag tag, oh the options!

We are cruising up I-95 now with Georgia on our minds and smiles on our faces. My iPhone is blasting Pandora – the Elvis station – out of my car stereo via Bluetooth, and right now, as my pop drives his little boy to a place he has dreamed of seeing his entire life, he’s in heaven.

And in about 15 hours when I step on the grounds of Augusta National for the first time, I’ll join him there.


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