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The Scoop On Scott’s Masters Champions Dinner

I have a post-Masters tradition like no other, and that entails driving to Atlanta the day after the tournament ends to spend time with my sister, Sissy.

She and her family have long resided in the Georgia capital, and given our hectic schedules, we try to take advantage of any opportunity we have to get together. As a rule, I arrive at her home in Dunwoody around noon, and we immediately head downtown, to the best Thai restaurant I know, Nan. It’s an elegant spot on Spring Street that is owned and operated by Charlie and Nan Niyomkul, and it is just the place to unwind and savor some brilliantly seasoned and prepared Siamese delicacies. And to drink a little wine.

A native of Bangkok, Nan is the head chef at this eatery and the other Atlanta restaurant she runs, Tamarind. And her cooking is so good that Vijay Singh asked her to prepare the food for his Champions Dinner at Augusta after he won his Masters in 2000. And as Sissy and I nibbled on Royal Thai dumplings and tamarind spring rolls and devoured a grilled red snapper served whole, its firm, white meat doused with a subtly piquant chili sauce, we could well see why the Fijian golfer had gone that way.

Nan came by our table and talked about how she and Charlie had been at The Masters for most of the week, and how excited she was about her friend Adam Scott winning. She even brought over a picture of her with the Aussie golfer, taken at this very restaurant during the Tour Championship, which is played at the nearby East Lake Golf Club, and said they were so close that Scott called her, “Mommy.” Then, she revealed that Scott already has told her he wants Thai food at his Champions Dinner next year. And that he wants her to prepare it.

Let me assure those fellows who will be in attendance: They are in for a culinary treat if she is indeed in the kitchen that night.


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