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RocketBallz Stage 2 Improves On Distance

As a rule, TaylorMade Golf does not rest on the laurels of a successful product launch. So, it should not be at all surprising to those who know the company that it has quickly followed the 2012 release of its RocketBallz fairway metal with this year’s introduction of what its engineers describe as a new and improved version of that club, dubbed RocketBallz Stage 2. At the same time, the Carlsbad, Calif., manufacturer has brought out a line of Stage 2 Rescue clubs that employ similar technology. “Our team continues to push the innovation envelope in the fairway wood and hybrid categories,” says Todd Beach, vice president of metalwood R&D at TaylorMade. “Rocket- Ballz represented a distance breakthrough,
but we knew we could make improvements.” One of those improvements with both the metal-woods and hybrids, he says, comes in the form of a thinner and faster-flexing clubface, thanks to the utilization of a high-strength, lightweight TaylorMade RocketSteel supplied by Carpenter.


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