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Mended Fences Unlikely For García and Woods

Tiger Woods and Sergio García at the The Players Championship.
Tiger Woods and Sergio García at the The Players Championship.

Allow a moment for imaginations to run wild:

Next week at the Memorial, Tiger Woods and Sergio García find a table in a quiet place, Sergio says he’s sincerely sorry, Tiger says he appreciates the apology and they agree to hit the reset button on a relationship that’s frostier than a Siberian winter.

Blow it up and start over. Anything is better than this.

It’s not likely to happen for any number of reasons, not the least of which is Woods isn’t in the habit of buddying up to people who’ve done him the wrong way and García is about 6 down through 7 holes right now.

García did serious damage to himself with his fried chicken remark Tuesday night and it’s going to take more than apologies to get past this one. When TaylorMade-adidas issued a statement calling García’s remarks offensive, it was an indication of how deeply this mistake cut.

Because feuds are so rare in professional golf, this one was amusing for a moment when it bubbled up at the Players Championship. It turned ugly this week.

This won’t go away soon.

In García’s case, he must be wondering if it ever will.


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