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Nicklaus Weighs In

Remember the story that circulated earlier this year quoting Jack Nicklaus saying he had never had a conversation longer than two minutes with Tiger Woods?

Nicklaus wanted to set the record straight Wednesday during his annual media session prior to The Memorial.
“There was an article in the New York Times about me, saying that Tiger doesn’t talk to me,” Nicklaus said. “I was asked the question of how much does Tiger talk to me about his record and I said we haven’t had more than a minute or two conversation about that ever…

“The article comes out Tiger doesn’t talk to Jack and they’ve never had more than a minute or two of conversation. Well, I’ve talked to Tiger a lot but not about that subject and that was the question I was asked.”

Nicklaus also touched on several other subjects including:

• The Sergio Garcia-Tiger Woods spat: “It’s stupid…Do guys have an issue with one another? They usually resolve it themselves. You guys want to resolve it in newspapers today. Nobody needs that.”
• The suggestion some players will hit driver only three times at 6,996-yard Merion: “If they’re only going to use it two or three times, you’re not going to win a golf tournament.”
• His memories of his 1971 U.S. Open playoff loss to Lee Trevino: “I lost…I had two bad bunker shots that put me behind and I lost. Outside of catching a rubber snake (that Trevino threw on the first tee before the playoff began), I don’t remember much else.”
• One of his favorite movies: “I thought ‘Follow The Sun (a movie about Ben Hogan) may be one of the worst movies you’ll ever want to look at. I watched it 20 times. I’d watch it again if it was on.”


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