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Rory’s Ryder Ride Gets New Gig

Patrick Rollins
Patrick Rollins

Pat Rollins has accepted the position of chief of police for the Sugar Grove (Ill.) Police Department after 12 years working as the deputy chief in nearby Lombard.

It was during his time in Lombard that Rollins briefly earned international notice when he helped a late-running Rory McIlroy make his tee time on the final day of last year’s Ryder Cup.

McIlroy had not been accounted for at the course leading up to his 11:25 a.m. start time, and upon receiving a phone call that he had 25 minutes to get to the tee he rushed out of the hotel and into the unmarked squad car driven by Rollins.

“I read the tee times on my phone and they are obviously on Eastern time, and it’s Central time here,” said McIlroy after the event had finished and he had helped cement one of the largest final day comebacks in Ryder Cup history for Team Europe.

Rollins’ driving got McIlroy to the tee with minutes to spare and earned the quick-thinking officer some time in the spotlight after he helped Team Europe to victory.

There is no word as to whether Rollins’ skill behind the wheel helped him earn the position at Sugar Grove, but imagine what he could do with a letter of recommendation from a two-time U.S. Open champion …

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