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Cobra Amps Up Fairways And Hybrids

According to Cobra Golf engineers, the key attribute of the company’s new Amp Cell fairways and hybrids is the way they allow players to better manage their distance gaps in that part of the bag. That’s because the fairway metals are available in a 3-4 model as well as a 5-7, and those can be adjusted into eight different lofts. As for the hybrids, they come in 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 versions that can provide 10 lofts of their own. “Our research shows that most golfers are playing the wrong loft,” says Bob Philion, president of Cobra Puma Golf. “These clubs eliminate that worry by providing golfers the ability to adjust the loft on their own to find the perfect fit.” In addition, the Amp Cell fairways and hybrids utilize Cobra’s Smart- Pad technology, which enables players to keep a square face at address regardless of the loft setting while still providing for workability by letting them slightly open or close the club face, as they wish. And the club manufacturer employs what it calls Advanced Placement Material and Cell technology on the clubfaces to produce faster ball speeds on mis-hits (for greater distance) and higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) for enhanced forgiveness.


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