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Vokeys Not Just For Tour Pros

Master wedge maker Bob Vokey says that as much as he likes working with Titleist touring professionals, he also enjoys giving the average golfer that sort of custom treatment when it comes to their scoring clubs. Which is why he is constantly adding to the offerings available through his Carlsbad, Calif.-based custom shop, known as WedgeWorks. And the latest coming out of that operation is Wedge- Works Hand Ground. According to Vokey, this program allows recreational players to submit their wedge orders directly to Wedge-Works (see below for address). After talking by phone with the individual golfers, he or one of his craftsmen hand-grinds, polishes and buffs each wedge before finishing it with personalized stamping and a hand-stamped hosel code. The grinder’s initials are stamped on the hosel as well. “I’m bringing everything I’ve learned to this project,” Vokey says. “Many of the tweaks I like to do from the Tour van are now available to the public. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” WedgeWorks Hand Grounds are offered in 58- and 60-degree lofts, and four of his favorite, high-performance sole grinds: M, V, E and T. All have a raw finish, previously available only to Tour players, with precision-milled SM4 grooves. Several aspects of the wedge’s shape, sole and leading edge can be customized, and golfers may choose from a variety of grind options, including square toe, straighter or pre-worn leading edge and pro-groove sole. In addition, WedgeWorks Hand Ground boasts a range of personalization options, including four character-stamping styles and rive toe-stamp options.


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