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Callaway’s Optiforce Options Loaded With Technology

Callaway Golf officials say that four primary technologies drive the performance of their new Optiforce drivers, which are designed to increase ball and clubhead speed – and by extension distance – as they also offer lie and loft adjustability for optimized launch conditions. And the equipment maker has applied some of those very same advances to a line of fairway metals under that same name. Start with the drivers, which were born from what technicians say was a prototype that Callaway tested while exploring the complex variations in aerodynamic flow during a driver’s entire downswing. The result, they say, is a shape and construction in the FT Optiforce that is as fast as it is efficient. Clubhead speed is also enhanced by the utilization of lightweight Forged Composite material in the crown and stock shaft offerings that include a 43-gram Project X Velocity shaft, and a 62-gram Mitsubishi Diamana S+. Either one of these will put the overall weight of the Optiforce under 300 grams. With this driver, Callaway is also unveiling an advanced OptiFit Hosel that allows a player to adjust the driver’s loft 1 degree down or 1-2 degrees up, from a standard 9.5 degrees in the 440 cc head and 10.5 in the 460 cc version. That’s a total of four loft options, and the system also enables golfers to achieve two lie angles in a single head, standard (neutral) and 2 degrees upright (draw).


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