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True Temper’s Progressive Shafts

Golf equipment makers have long believed in the virtues of making sets of irons “progressive” – for the ways that that enhances performance by making long irons easier to hit while ensuring that the scoring clubs are more accurate and also for how it broadens the market for a specific line of clubs by making them more versatile. Now, shaft makers are using that same approach. Such as True Temper, which has just released its DG Pro product. True Temper has created “progressive” shafts, employing a combination of weights and diameters that change through the set to produce different trajectories and performance attributes. According to Chad Hall, director of product marketing and global tour operations for the Memphis-based concern, the longer-iron DG Pro (for Professional and Progressive) features a step just 1¼ inches in size, with a goal to produce shots that launch high but land soft, with steep descent angles. “And as we progress through the set, to the mid- and short irons, we bring more distance and spin control and accuracy into the equation, in part by increasing the steps to 1½ inches in the mids and up to 1¾ inches in the short-iron shafts,” he says. “Our new DG Pro shaft raises the bar on performance from premium steel shafts,” adds Greg Cavill, the company’s VP of alloy engineering and development. “Everything about DG Pro is progressive: the flex profile, step pattern, weight profile and internal material distribution.


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