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New Dad Mahan Still Grinning

Hunter Mahan hasn’t looked back.

He’s been too busy smiling.

Two weeks ago, Mahan bailed with the 36-hole lead at the Canadian Open to be home with his wife for the birth of their first child. He got the call while preparing to play the third round and wasted no time withdrawing despite having the lead in the tournament.

It was the right decision then and it’s still the right decision.

“He made the perfect choice,” Tiger Woods said.

Mahan has been surprised by the overwhelming reaction.

“The feedback’s been 100 percent great,” he said. “I think everyone can kind of relate.

“I think people are just ready for a great story in sports and it was a great time … It’s just nice to have that quiet time, just me and (wife) Candy and (daughter) Zoe, just kicking it and doing everything. It was a lot of fun, a time I’ll never get back.

“It just makes things matter a little bit more and, at the same time, matter a little bit less.”


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