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Callaway Wedges: Roger That

It would be an understatement to say that Phil Mickelson had a great couple of weeks in the Home of Golf last month, first winning the Scottish Open and then the Open Championship. And he was quick to attribute at least part of his success in those events to the equipment in his bag, which included a pair of the newest wedge offerings from Callaway, the Mack Daddy 2. Introduced in late June and designed by noted wedge maestro Roger Cleveland, Mack Daddy 2s feature larger grooves for more spin; soft, carbon-steel heads for greater feel around the greens and custom sole grind options for versatility. The grooves in these clubs, which are forged, demand a lot of attention. Wedges with 56 degrees of loft and higher boast a so-called 5V pattern with wider, more aggressive grooves. The lower lofted wedges, from 54 down to 47 degrees, also feature wider grooves but with a larger angled draft. All lofts come with enhanced surface roughness and laser-milled micro-grooves for greater clubface-to-golf ball friction. In addition, the 58- and 60-degree versions of Mack Daddy 2 wedges are available with three custom sole grinds. One is the U-Grind, which Mickelson inspired. It has a concave sole and the tightest radius of the three, which significantly relieves the heel and toe. This allows the leading edge to stay low and under the ball when opening the face to add loft, which is something Mickelson likes to do. The C-Grind is also relieved in the heel and toe. But the depth of the sole in this version is narrow to help facilitate proper contact and allow the club to perform well in both firm and soft conditions. As for the third option, the S-Grind, it is relieved only in the heel and is best suited for firmer playing conditions and those who prefer hitting their wedge shots with a square face. The Mack Daddy 2s come in two finishes: Slate and Chrome.


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