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Tight Lies For Tight Spots

It’s baaaaack. The Adams Tight Lies fairway wood, that is … with a sharp new logo and sleek look, and a bunch of new technology as well as some things that are very familiar. Let’s start with the familiar, which is the low profile of the club, and the upside down, tri-sole design that Adams Golf engineers say places the center of gravity very low, making it very easy to hit off the deck, get it into the air and make solid contact on shots from all sorts of lies. Then, there is the new, beginning with cut-through slots in both the crown and the sole of this Tight Lies to create “maximum face deflection.” That allows for higher ball speeds off the face as it also maximizes them on a larger area of the club, meaning it is designed to be more forgiving and much hotter than the original editions. How hot, you might ask? Well, company technicians say the Characteristic Time of the latest iteration of Tight Lies is twice as hot as the ones Barney Adams produced nearly 20 years ago. “In the ever-present pursuit of maximum distance, today’s fairway woods have become mini-drivers, extremely difficult to hit from anywhere other than the tee,” says Justin Honea, director of R&D for Adams Golf. “The low-profile design of the new Tight Lies makes it easy to hit the ball into the air, while the unique tri-sole design makes it easy to hit from challenging lies. Then we added the Cut-Through slots, to give it a perfect blend of playability and performance.” The new Adams Tight Lies, whose 133cc head is smaller than most fairways on the market, comes stock with the Bassara Eagle graphite shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon. Initially, the club will only be offered in a 16-degree model, with 14-, 19- and 22-degree versions coming in November.


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