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Volvik Balls Color The Rainbow

What stands out right away with the new premium balls from Volvik are their colors, as they are available in yellow, orange, pink and green. That’s just fine with officials from the South Korea-based company that makes the dual-core, four-piece Volvik Vista iV and the three-piece Crystal, and they describe themselves as the No. 1 color ball on tour. But they are quick to point out that performance is why more than a dozen top LPGA golfers are playing Volvik balls, including Ilhee Lee, who won with it last spring, and why Erik Flores has signed with the company to use an Orange Vista iV on the Tour. Volvik has been making balls for more than 30 years, but most have been two-piece, low-price-point offerings. About three years ago, however, it decided to take on the premium, performance market, and the Vista iV and Crystal balls are the result. The Vista iV, which also comes in white, features a dual core that is made to optimize distance by transferring the power from a more solid inner power core to a softer outer layer that uses bismuth, a metal, which is compressed in a high temperature heating treatment. Volvik technicians say that the outer layer also reduces excess driver spin, increasing the Moment of Inertia and centrifugal force in the process, for more distance in the air and greater roll on the ground. An elastic inner cover is designed to provide optimal feel and spin, and the Z-1 cover, which is made of a zirconium compound, enhances durability without sacrificing spin control. According to company officials, the Vista iV is best for those with swing speeds ranging from 80 to 125 mph.


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