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Carr Mara Event Honors Spirit Of Game

There was lots of talk during the recent Walker Cup that the matches were as much about nurturing relationships as they were winning a trophy. While some observers took issue with that concept, others understood that the founding spirit of the Cup was to promote good will between two golfing regions. To them, that made the notion of those matches being a bond builder as well as a competition as relevant in 2013 as it was nearly a century ago. Most golfers I know feel that attitude is one of many things to commend that biennial event. And they quite like that the ideal of golfers competing hard against each other on the course and then socializing with equal zest afterwards is not confined to the Walker Cup. In fact, it exists throughout the game, and at a variety of levels. A good example comes in the form of an international match called the Carr Mara Team Championship. Held the week after the Walker Cup at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, it pitted golfers from seven U.S. clubs against an equal number from Ireland. A good time clearly was had by all. The Carr Mara was first staged in the fall of 2007, at the Portmarnock Golf Club outside Dublin. It was designed to celebrate the competitive and social aspects of golf as it also celebrated the lives of two passionate and beloved players who also happened to be very good friends, three-time British Amateur champion Joe Carr and longtime New York Giants owner Wellington Mara.


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