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Stenson’s Second Half Stellar

ATLANTA| Golf and logic tend to be mutually exclusive as anyone who’s ever stepped into a pair of golf shoes knows. Once in a while, however, they come together and produce something completely sensible. Henrik Stenson and the armload of trophies he won Sunday at Bobby Jones’ old stomping grounds prove it. If the point of the FedEx Cup playoffs is to determine the best player across a series of four money-stuffed events, then this version of the PGA Tour’s postseason nailed it. No one has been better than Stenson since the calendar turned to July and he turned into the best player on the planet. While Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson went flat, while Rory McIlroy went off to find what’s been lost and while Jordan Spieth was emerging, Stenson played the best golf of his life. Hard to believe that two years ago Stenson couldn’t win the club championship in his hometown of Barsebäck, Sweden. On Sunday evening, Stenson was richer by $11.44 million, was ranked No. 4 in the world and finally ready to exhale. “It’s been a great playoff. It’s been a great summer. It’s been a great season for me,” Stenson said, his Tour Championship trophy flanking one shoulder, the FedEx Cup trophy flanking the other. It’s not entirely over, either. Stenson will take the next month off then try to become the first player to win the FedEx Cup and the Race to Dubai in the same season. Stenson doesn’t show much on the course, keeping his eyes tucked behind those wraparound shades he wears. His stoicism can’t hide the churning intensity that has allowed Stenson to overcome two potentially career-killing slumps as well as deal with the life-altering reality of having lost a substantial chunk of his investment foundation in the Stanford Financial scandal.


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