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Meeting A Challenge

SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA | The young boy pedaled up the cart path on his bicycle, alarmingly out of place and some-where he didn’t belong, in many more ways than he could possibly fathom.
He came upon a group of golfers, making their way in carts between holes. He was a shy boy, unable to make much more than darting eye contact, but not too shy to meekly ask the golfers if they would like to buy the golf balls that filled the basket on his bike, balls he had found in the woods that lined the course.
One of the golfers was a bear of a man, but gentle in his demeanor and soft in his voice. Instead of admonishing the boy for being on the course on his bike, the man asked the boy what he would do with the money.
“When I get enough,” he said, “I’m going to get a bucket of balls from the pro shop and hit them on the driving range.” The gentle bear of a man felt his heart melt. “When you get what you need, come see me,” he said.
Thus began a relationship between Perry, a golf teacher, and Ricky, a boy whose life had been ruled to that point by autism.


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