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Building The Perfect Golfer

In a lighthearted bid to arrive at the optimum golfer, David Leadbetter, one of the finest coaches of them all, knew what he wanted – and from where. First up was a healthy dose of Spanish passion as embodied in the exploits of the late Seve Ballesteros. “The Spaniards,” he began, “are a wonderfully cavalier bunch. They’re enthusiastic, they’re aggressive and they go for their shots like no one else. They’ve also got these vivid imaginations which serve them well around the greens.” Leadbetter was happy to add a soupçon of Italian passion to the mix – “When Italians get on a roll, they can stay on it” – only there was a caveat. “When things aren’t going well,” he expanded, “Italians are a bit apt to lose interest. They have their highs and lows.”
Even at this early point, Leadbetter wanted to balance the ledger with a touch of Scandinavian cool. He has always seen Scandinavians as an extraordinarily well-organised bunch, describing their approach to golf as, “not ‘abnormal’ but ultra-scientific … It goes well with the Scandinavian mindset.” In digressing to capture the difference between Scandinavians and Spaniards, he advanced the following illustration: While he would worry lest some happy-go-lucky Spaniard might arrive on the first tee with scant time to gather his thoughts, he would never have the same concerns about a Swede. The latter would be following his preround routine to the letter. Back to the task at hand …


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