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Monty: US difference in Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup "amazing"

Colin Montgomerie (John Mummert, USGA)
Colin Montgomerie thinks the Presidents Cup format allows Team USA’s deeper team to succeed against the Internationals. (John Mummert, USGA)

Colin Montgomerie knows all about Europe’s success against the U.S. team in the Ryder Cup matches.

Like others, Monty wonders why the Americans are so good in the Presidents Cup but not in the Ryder Cup. It may have something to do with the format, a point raised by International team captain Nick Price and others in light of the most recent American victory in the Presidents Cup.

“It’s weird, you know. America only won one in the last seven I think Ryder Cups, amazing, and yet they’re so dominant in the Presidents Cup. It’s amazing how that changes,” Montgomerie said.

“We don’t play everybody all the time, we do it in three days instead of four and I think that favors Europe. Normally what happens is the strength and depth of the American tour shines through and that’s what’s happening in the Presidents Cup…

“When everybody plays, the American strength and depth is stronger than the international team or, I believe, the European team. But we tend to have a different format where we leave four guys out on every session and that tends to favor Europe more than it does the internationals who are playing all 12 for the first two days. That’s why I think the Americans are more dominant in that than they are in the Ryder Cup…

“The Americans could really put two teams out that are comparable to the strength and depth of the American tour. We don’t have that strength and depth and neither do the international team.”


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