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Aldila’s New Take On Torque

In developing its newest generation of graphite shafts, the Tour Blue and the Tour Green, Aldila engineers worked off the success of its NV product, which came out nearly a decade ago and relied on the use of the company’s break-through Micro Laminate Technology (MLT) materials to provide the performance and consistency golfers preferred. “We upgraded those low-resin, aerospace-grade materials on which the NV was based in ways that enabled us to make the layers used in the new Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts thinner,” says John Oldenburg, vice president of engineering and new product development at Aldila. “That meant we could use more layers in the construction of each one and less resins as a binder to hold those layers together. The result is a shaft that is stronger, lower in torque and more consistent.” Another advance that Oldenburg and his group were able to make was putting the balance points of the new Aldila shafts closer to the grips, to better work with the heavier weights of modern driver heads.


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