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How It Went From Bad To Worse For Rory

It must be more than a little uncomfortable to be Rory McIlroy at the moment. He thinks his former agent is stealing his money. He has a girlfriend who can’t keep her hands off the Twitter button when he’s asleep and not bothering anybody. He’s got a sack full of golf clubs that feel like rattle-snakes in his hands, no matter how much he’s being paid for hauling them around. And he figures his best defense is to hire a pack of lawyers, dump the girl-friend, plead privacy to the media and retreat to the practice tee, wondering if it’s really the clubs or if he can’t overcome the twin demons of uncertainty and doubt, both the great killers of golf swings and, in a larger sense, peace of mind. Ah, to be 24 and wealthy. Or less wealthy, as it were. He got a reported
£1 million check for showing up in Korea, which is the best part of his game at the moment. But how much of that will go to his agent and toward legal fees? (Are those tax deductible in the U.K.?) In a word, McIlroy is a mess. He can’t beat a bunch of Koreans no one has heard of outside Seoul, but thank goodness for appearance fees. Professionally and personally, he has so much drama swirling around him that you’d think he’d changed his name to Kardashian. For someone who was marked to be the game’s next superstar, he has, instead, become a marked man and not inside the ropes. Let’s take these one at a time: His reported estranged girlfriend, fading tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, tweeted a picture of McIlroy sleeping, wearing glasses and his mouth hanging open.


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