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Cooler Heads And Warmer Climes

In North Carolina where I live, the first freeze arrived late last week, knocking the Bermuda fairways into dormancy as the leaves began hiding misguided tee shots in what’s left of the summer’s rough. A few days from now, daylight-savings time will go into hibernation for the winter, taking with it a valuable hour of afternoon sun-light and the chance to squeeze in a few sweater-wrapped holes before dinnertime. In places like Florida and Arizona, the golf season will keep rolling, the conditions improving now that the worst of the heat has gone. But for the rest of us, golf season is winding down and that’s OK. The PGA Tour has gone to the far side of the world for a couple of weeks where it can capitalize on a booming golf market while expounding the virtues of the new wraparound schedule that includes this week’s World Golf Championship event in Shanghai. The notion of this being the start of a new season feels strange, aptly described by Geoff Ogilvy as “a false front.” It’s not bad, just different and, like a new pair of shoes, it will take some getting used to. The Tour will come back to Sea Island, Ga., and then visit Cancun for a week before it’s time to carve the turkey and string the Christmas lights. It’s time for a break. Things got ugly last week when Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee gave Tiger Woods – the PGA Tour player of the year as voted by his peers – an F grade for his 2013 season. Chamblee, as you no doubt know, insinuated Woods was guilty of at least trying to cheat, using a homily from his grade-school days as a heavy- handed way of making his point.


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