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True Temper’s Shafts Promote Power

The realm of superlight steel shafts has a new entrant in the form of the just-introduced XP shaft series from True Temper, which company engineers say is designed to deliver explosive power and distance to every iron in the bag while also promoting forgiveness. “Every golfer, no matter the skill level, seeks greater distance,” says Scott Hennessy, president and chief operating officer for the Memphis, Tenn.-based supplier. “And that’s what we set out to provide with the XP series. We all know that over time, a golfer is going to be more
accurate hitting an 8-iron as opposed to a 6- or 7-iron. And we knew that we could get players consistently closer to the pin if we could give them an additional full club of distance more with their irons.” According to Hennessy, True Temper combined advanced ultralight alloy development with optimized material distribution to produce a flex chamber in which power is stored during the downswing and released just prior to the point of impact.


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