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Seminole An Inspired Walker Cup Choice

Earlier this summer, with the Walker Cup approaching at the famed National Golf Links of America, an interesting idea occurred to Seminole Golf Club president Jimmy Dunne. Dunne, a 57-year-old New York banker and a passionate player, wondered “Why not Seminole?” as the host venue for this historic international competition. And so, after a very rapid series of discussions with the USGA, the wheels were set in motion for the Walker Cup Match to be played at the famed South Florida club in the spring of 2021. Contracts have not been signed, much less drafted, but senior USGA officials made clear to me last week: This is going to happen.
In a corridor of America where secrets last for seconds, word began to leak in Palm Beach no sooner than Dunne’s letter to the membership began arriving in mailboxes on Monday of last week. Dunne likely sought the advice of his board and the counsel of some members, but once the idea took root in his mind, it was going to happen. As president of Seminole, he has a wide latitude with which to act; it’s good to be king at Seminole, and more clubs in America would be better for adopting a similar model. If Dunne had any hesitation, it was no doubt removed when he attended the 2013 Walker Cup this past fall on his native Long Island. What he saw was a storied course with a similar culture and history as Seminole absolutely shine while hosting many of the world’s best amateurs and reminding people of its historical significance.


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